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Kit & Clowder Classes Catch Up

I am currently on my 6 week summer holiday and boy has the past 2 weeks flown by! I spent a lot of the first week shopping and colouring! This past week I haven't had as much time to sit and colour or craft and definitely haven't had the chase to blog anything until Friday!'s some of my colouring that I did for some of the Kit & Clowder classes that I pay for every month, but hardly ever get round to doing! Naughty naughty me! Some of these were done a while ago (probably in my last holiday back in May), but I haven't blogged them so thought I would just add them all here!

This first one is from February 2018's class... Flowers are not my thing at all, but I really like the shine on these ones!

This one is from March 2018. Really pleased with this all except the sky which I could not get to blend very well, but still looks ok, I think.

The next one is from April 2018's class. Really pleased with this one, even the mice's fur, which I always struggle with! 

And finally this one is from the members' free class For The Boys. Not overly happy with the sleeves on the shirt - I think they need to be darker, but overall really liked doing this one. 

And that's all from me for this post folks! Thanks for stopping by!