Sunday, 11 March 2012

Final VSN Challenges N & O

Last VSN post! Phew that was a huge amount of blogging!

Challenge N was to make a snowy card! Very strange for a Spring themed VSN, but apparently Lee gets snow in Colorado in March! I'm so glad our short snow spell lasted all of about a week and has been over for a while now! Love the combo of blues, white and olive on this one as well! Not a challenge - just random colours I picked.


And finally Challenge O was to make a Spring themed pop up card and as the style of card is called a spring card, I thought I would use this one! I haven't made one of these cards for donkey's years! They really are a fun card to do!


And that's all the VSN posts from me for today folks! Thanks for stopping by! Boy that was a lot of cardmaking, but I thoroughly enjoyed it all especially trying to work to a deadline of 45 minutes for each card, which I didn't always do, but no-one's watching right?! :P

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